My name is Bernalyn V. Olsino, 20 yrs of age. I live in Brgy. Impugong, Tinoc, Ifugao. My parents are Mr. Simeon D. Olsino and Mrs. Criselda V. Olsino. I am the last child in the family with two siblings. At the age of 6 year 2005, my father died because of bone cancer. But even i lost one family i still continue my life by way of striving and achieving my goals in life. My mother is the only one who take good care of us, she is the one struggling for us to achieve our goals. Having a single parent is not easy but i am very proud with my mom because she always do her best for us.

Everyone of us have different passion. My passion in life that making any kinds of designs, listening to the musics and playing basketball for me to convince others.